What is an open ID Sperm Donor?

What Is An Open ID Sperm Donor?

Donors at sperm banks are often classified as ID Donors, ID Disclosure, and at San Diego Sperm Bank, we call it Open ID. The ID status refers to donors who have agreed to future communication with any donor-conceived offspring when they reach at least 18 years old.

At San Diego Sperm Bank we only offer Open ID donors, and so all donors in our program agree to at least 1 form of communication in the future with any donor-conceived adults. We understand that this may not be right for everyone, and you will have all the information about this aspect of our program before you make the decision to officially join.

How Does Open ID contact work?

Contact can only be initiated by the adult donor-conceived offspring. They will have the chance to reach out to our head office, Seattle Sperm Bank, where we will verify their donor and mediate communication. Donors do not have the option to reach out to recipient families currently.

What happens before Open ID contact?

San Diego Sperm Bank will keep any information shared with families anonymous. Families notify us of pregnancies and births, and we will keep the information to verify for future contact. Additionally, when any adult-conceived offspring reach out to have contact with their donor, we will mediate communication. 

Is Open ID important?

We understand this type of donation comes with a lot of complexity. Adult donor-conceived offspring and families often are curious about the person who donated. They will have questions about who you are and will wonder what you look like, and what characteristics and interests you may share.

Open-identity sperm donation is intended to address basic human curiosity and sense of belonging. This is a unique relationship to have with a family and means a lot to the individuals who have been helped by your donation.

What are the benefits of becoming a sperm donor?

Donors in the program at San Diego Sperm Bank receive:

  • Routine Health checks including physicals and STI testing.
  • Compensation for their time and effort. Donors can earn $100 per donation, up to 3 times per week.
  • Genetic carrier screening for 514 genetic conditions, is a great insight into your own personal health.
  • Helping families waiting for options to start or grow their family.

If you are interested in joining the donor program, you can get started now with an easy online application. After submitting your application, you are invited to visit our lab in person for your first semen analysis.

Our Donor Coordinators are here to help answer any questions you may have about our donor program, and you can reach out directly at (858)732-8500 or email [email protected].