Common questions about becoming a sperm donor.

At San Diego Sperm Bank, we make donating sperm both comfortable and convenient. Our clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You are welcome to donate on a schedule that works for you. Once you begin donating you will be given an ID card and donor number to use for all donations.

Fill out and submit an online donor application at You will then be contacted by email regarding your initial screening appointment.

  • You must be between 18 to 39 years old and in general good health.
  • You must be able to donate 1 to 3 times per week at our lab in La Jolla, CA.
  • You must have a college degree or currently being enrolled in a college program.

At the screening you will provide an initial sample for analysis and fill out a brief questionnaire. Please bring photo identification at this time. Though it is not required, you are also encouraged to bring a copy of your resume or CV. This additional information helps us match you to a family seeking a donor with a particular educational or professional background.

You will receive $70 for each approved donation.

It depends on the quality of your sample, but on average, donors offer between 6 and 10 samples per month. We request that you commit to at least one donation per week.

You should abstain for a minimum of 48 hours prior to donating in order to give a sample with an optimal sperm count. This is both for the quality of the sample as well as for your benefit because you will not get the remaining $20 if your sample is not approved.

It usually takes one to three weeks. The process includes the initial sample screening, your physical examination, your family health history questioning, and your blood and urine testing.

This information helps us match your donation to waiting families in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the European Union. We currently have waiting lists for those seeking certain ethnicities, in particular those from Japan, Russia, the Ukraine, and the Czech Republic. But we encourage healthy men between 18 and 40 from all ethnicities to consider donating.

Not at this time. The FDA prohibits men that have had gay sex within the past five years from donating because this group is considered high risk for sexually transmitted diseases and we must strictly follow the FDA guidelines.

A directed donor is someone who stores sperm samples for a predetermined recipient that is not a spouse or life partner. There is also the option to store your own sperm for future use by your sexually intimate partner; this is called the Client Depositor route.