Fact and Fiction About Sperm Donation

Fact and Fiction About Sperm Donation

Becoming a sperm donor is a worthwhile endeavor and helps a lot of people looking to become parents. You can find lots of false information about donating on TV, in movies, and online. Here, we set the record straight about the donor program at San Diego Sperm Bank.

The application process is long. Depends; you’re in control of the pace.

You drive the application process. It starts with an online application; then you visit the lab for a semen analysis. The next steps are completing paperwork and speaking with our Donor Coordinator, and having a physical. If you have some free time, you may get through this relatively quickly.

People looking for donors are selective. Yes, but we’re not.

When someone is looking for a donor, they typically have a few characteristics in mind, often to complement a partner. Because so many different families need a sperm donor, it is important to us that we have all different kinds of men joining our program. This includes men who are shorter than 6 feet, have grey or red hair, freckles, dimples, or anything else that might make you, well you.

It interferes with your sex life. Mostly no.

Donors are required to be abstinent at least 48 hours before donating. This helps ensure there is enough sperm cells to make the donation usable for treatment. Each donor creates their own donation schedule and are welcome to visit as a walk-in appointment.  You can always change your donation appointment to another day as needed.  

You can’t be over 40 years old. True.

The age requirements for sperm donors are 18 to 39 years old. This comes from the FDA and is due to sperm quality declining over time. After the age of 40 it is more likely that sperm DNA will not be as complete as someone at a younger age. This is true for egg donors as well!

You must have a college degree. Not true!

Having a college degree is a great addition to your profile, but this is just one piece of information that helps intended parents learn more about you.  

We accept students and working professionals to the donor program as well!

Donors have parental responsibilities.  A big No.

Sperm donors have no parental responsibilities or rights. This means you are not considered a father for any of the donor-conceived children legally.

You will be required to donate multiple times per week. Not unless you choose to.

You are absolutely welcome to visit the lab up to 3 times per week and earn $100 per donation. There is no strict requirement for how many times you donate per week. It can take intended parents three to six tries before becoming successfully pregnant. Therefore, it is extremely helpful for donors to visit at least once per week to help create enough donations to support treatments.

Donors can take planned time away from donating, like for a vacation, finals week, or other commitments. Just let the Donor Coordinator know!

Your identity will be at risk. No, we take this very seriously.

All identifiable information is protected under HIPAA and is kept confidential. Intended parents learn a lot about your physical characteristics, personality, and medical history under a donor number and alias name.

Next Steps to Becoming a Sperm Donor

If you are ready to see if you have what it takes to become a donor, you can apply online now. After completing the online application, you are welcome to stop by as a walk-in appointment or schedule your first visit.

For any questions about the donor program, you can always reach out to our Donor Coordinator at [email protected] or give us a call during open hours at (858) 732-8500.