How Your Underwear Affects Sperm Production

How Your Underwear Affects Sperm Production

Good news! One of the most effective ways to improve your sperm production is also one of the easiest: keep your testicles cool. And the type of underwear you choose to wear can have a measurable effect on the health of your sperm.

More than 30 years’ worth of studies already reveal that chronically elevated scrotal temperatures can negatively affect sperm production. Now, there’s further proof. An August 2018 study published in the journal Human Reproduction highlighted how men’s choice of underwear affected sperm concentration, total sperm count, and total motile count. The study showed that men who wore loose-fitting underwear had 25% higher sperm concentration, 17% higher total sperm count, and 33% higher total motile count compared with men who chose tight-fitting underwear.

The Answer is Clear — Boxers Beat Briefs

Testicles hang outside the male body for a good reason — to keep them about two degrees cooler than our normal body temperature. This helps ensure optimal sperm production and overall sperm health. So when you wear tight briefs that keep your testicles close to your body, you risk elevating the temperature of your testicles and hindering healthy sperm production.

Unlike traditional briefs, boxer shorts or boxer briefs with a built-in pouch allow your scrotum to hang freely rather than being bunched up next to your body. So, to improve sperm production, ditch the briefs and embrace the boxers.

Another simple lifestyle change that could help with healthy sperm production is to sleep without underwear to allow your testicles to hang naturally and stay cooler at night. Some men even choose to “go commando” and spend all or part of each day not wearing underwear at all. If you do make the switch from briefs to boxers, bear in mind it takes about three months to see a significant increase in sperm production and quality.

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