Applying to the Donor Program at San Diego Sperm Bank

Applying to the Donor Program at San Diego Sperm Bank

Joining the sperm donor program is an opportunity to transform lives and make a huge difference for those waiting to start or expand their families. Here at San Diego Sperm Bank, we recognize the significance of your contribution and invite you to be part of this noble cause.

How to Join and Stay Active in the Program:

1. Online Application: After completing your donor application online, you’ll need to visit in person for a semen analysis.  You can either schedule a specific day and time for your semen analysis or drop by as a walk-in.

2. Health Evaluation and Medical History: Health screening and testing will help our team determine if you are a good fit for the program. We’ll also discuss your medical history and family health background to identify any potential genetic risks.

3. Active Participation: We’ll ask that you visit at least once per week for a minimum of six months. However, you are welcome to visit up to 3 times per week and donors stay active in the program between 12 months and 18 months on average. Donors are compensated $100 per donation. Donors make their own schedule and are welcome to visit as a walk-in during open hours. This gives donors the flexibility to fit donations into their schedule as time permits.

4. Health Check-Ups: While actively donating in the program, donors receive routine STI testing and physicals to ensure their well-being. This is a great way for donors to keep tabs on their own health.

5. Ending Your Donation Journey: After at least six months, donors can choose to retire from the program. A final STI test will be needed to release any remaining donated samples for treatments. We will stay in touch with an annual health questionnaire. You only need to update us if there are any changes in your health history.

Benefits of Joining:

– Financial Rewards: Earn up to $100 per donation, with the flexibility to donate up to three times a week. You can also earn referral bonuses for every friend who you refer to the program.

– Flexible Commitment: Schedule donations according to your availability, with the option for walk-in donations and allowances for holidays or other commitments.

– Health and Well-being: Receive routine health exams, including STI testing, physicals, and comprehensive genetic screening for 514 different conditions.

– Making an Impact: Your contribution supports families facing male factor infertility, LGBTQ+ families, and single parents by choice, enabling dreams of parenthood to come true.

Next Steps:

Complete our online application today to begin your journey as a sperm donor at San Diego Sperm Bank. For any questions or assistance, our dedicated Donor Coordinator is here to help. Contact us at 858-732-8500 or email [email protected].