Sperm Donors Get Free Access To Regular Medical Care

There are many benefits to becoming a sperm donor. Initially, most men choose to become donors for the most obvious benefit, which is to earn extra income. But there are personal health care benefits as well that are worth considering. Because in addition to getting paid each month for your donations, you also get free medical care, including genetic testing, when you become a regular donor.

Get regular medical care as long as you are a donor – and beyond

To qualify as a sperm donor, you must go through a range of comprehensive tests. Some you might expect, such as giving semen samples to determine important things like your sperm count and your sperm motility, which is how well your sperm move. But we also test your blood and urine, and do screenings for HIV, hepatitis A and C, and other infectious diseases. These tests are for the protection of our sperm donor recipients, but they are for your benefit as well.

Further, when you donate with Phoenix Sperm Bank, you get a complete physical exam at the start of the process that includes a genital exam and a color vision test. Plus, you get these physical exams twice per year as long as you remain an active donor with us – and all for free! Not only that, even after you retire from our program, you are eligible to receive a free annual wellness exam at our clinic. It’s a great deal, and all part of our compensation for donors.

The advantages of genetic testing for your long term health

Along with the physical exams, we also do genetic testing. This valuable service gives you important insights into your complete medical history. The genetic testing includes a wide variety of questions about your family, medical, and sexual history. You will be asked about the health and medical history of your immediate and extended family in order to learn if you have any diseases in your family or other genetic dispositions. Again, this is for the benefit of both our donor recipients and you. In fact, the genetic testing may uncover something important that you would not otherwise know about.

In addition to the physical care, you will also have access to our counseling team so you fully understand all aspects of becoming a sperm donor. In this way, we provide holistic health benefits for all our clients. So when you’re deciding whether or not sperm donation is right for you, be sure to consider all the advantages.