Age Limits and Other Sperm Donor Qualifications

Age Limits and Other Sperm Donor Qualifications

Potential sperm donors must meet certain qualifications to join San Diego Sperm Bank’s program.  However, some of our qualifications are often misunderstood by potential sperm donors. To help you understand why we need certain information, here are the reasons behind five questions included in our online donor application

Are You Between 18 and 39?

Our donor program has an age limit of 39 years. Why? Because, as people age, both sperm and egg quality can decrease. And since each sample will be frozen, which can further decrease the number of motile sperm by 50%, it’s important to get sperm samples of the highest possible quality. This allows us to give intended parents the greatest chance to achieve their family goals.  

What is Your Ethnicity?

We ask this important question for several reasons. First, this information helps intended parents better understand the genetic background of donors who may help contribute to their potential offspring. Second, both heterosexual and same sex couples often look to match features of their partner who is not contributing genetically. Third, some people may have personal reasons for choosing a donor with specific features. Finally, people of all ethnicities need donor sperm, so we do our best to have a program that reflects the backgrounds of all our clients.  

Are You Adopted?

This question is important for tracing certain familial genetic factors. All potential donors answer questions about their immediate family’s health history. If you have been adopted and do not have access to this information, it can leave potential offspring vulnerable to unknown genetic conditions. We strive to provide complete health information to intended parents so they can make a well-informed decision that will lead to healthy children.

What is Your Height and Weight?

We ask about this for two reasons. First, we want our donors to be healthy, since that can be an indicator of good sperm health. Second, we also want to better understand who you are genetically. Your donation will contribute physical traits to potential offspring, and because intended parents come in all shapes and sizes, we want to provide that variety in our program. Do not be discouraged by this question. Being shorter or heavier will not disqualify you; rather, it may benefit a client who is looking for someone just like you.

What is Your Occupation and Level of Education?

Intended parents want to know all about you. And since both genetic and environmental factors shape who you are, your occupation and educational background is relevant and of interest. Intended parents bring their own environmental influences and genetics. But the other half of a child’s genetics will come from you, and that is a meaningful contribution. Intended parents are looking for donors who complement and balance their traits, so it’s important to learn as much as possible about you, while still protecting your identity. Knowing what you do for a living or what you are studying in school helps provide this information.

Becoming a sperm donor is a big decision and we are here to guide you through the process. If you have any questions about our program, please contact one of our Donor Coordinator via email or by calling (858) 732-8500 . You can also begin the process by filling out our online application form.