What To Expect After Being A Sperm Donor

What To Expect After Being A Sperm Donor

Men who join the sperm donor program in San Diego actively donate for an average of 12 months. Actively participating in the donor program entails weekly visits to the lab for at least six months. The majority of appointments are simple donation visits, but active donors also receive routine healthcare checks that include physicals and STI testing. Donations are quarantined for six months before they can be medically cleared for treatment use.

Donors are welcome to choose when they leave the program, but what happens next?

Retiring From The Donor Program

Active donors donate weekly for at least 6 months. Donations can be made up to 3 times per week, and some donors stay in the program for 18 months or more. Donations are batched and released pending STI testing after 6 months in quarantine, as required by the FDA. When donors decide to retire, they have 1 last blood draw 6 months after the last donation to release the batch from quarantine. 

After leaving the program, we will send an annual health questionnaire. This is how we keep up with any important health updates that may be relevant to potential offspring.  Our Medical Director and Genetic Counselors will make the determination if anything needs to be shared with the intended parents.

Occasionally, intended parents discover they are a carrier of a genetic condition that their chosen donor was not previously tested for. In that instance, we will reach out and ask donors if they are able to submit saliva samples for additional genetic carrier screening. Donors are compensated for any additional testing or screening that is requested, and it is an optional (but helpful) request.

Our program is an Open ID program, meaning any resulting offspring have the option to reach out to their donor in the future (when the offspring turns 18). This contact is facilitated by San Diego Sperm Bank and includes a one-time contact, although both parties can discuss if they would like further communication. Donors are all counseled on this aspect of the program and are welcome to ask questions about how this will work.

How To Join The Donor Program

Becoming a sperm donor provides meaningful treatment options for people who are missing a sperm source. There is a shortage of available donors of all ethnicities, so all are welcome and encouraged to apply.

The donor application process starts online. After the online application is submitted, potential donors can schedule an appointment or drop by for a walk-in appointment to complete their semen analysis.

After a semen analysis, the next steps include, completing paperwork, medical screening, and STI testing.

Once accepted into the program donors received benefits such as earning up to $100 per donation, routine STI testing, and helping make a difference for people who rely on sperm donation.

Donor Coordinators are ready to answer any questions about joining our donor program at 858-732-8500 or [email protected].