Comedy movies and TV sitcoms often poke fun at the prostate gland (no pun intended). But in reality, it serves an important function in the male body. So what is it, where is it, and why does it matter?

The prostate gland is located between the bladder and rectum, which is why the best way to examine it is rectally. It is made of different types of cells, including smooth, involuntary muscle and secretory cells. The fluid secreted by the prostate makes up the seminal fluid in semen, enzymes, fats, and proteins (but no sperm cells).

What is the Prostate Gland and Why is it Important?

Why is the Prostate Gland Important?

Prostate cancer is one of the highest occurring cancers in men. However, it’s highly treatable when caught early, which is why regular health checks are so important. One particularly effective preventative measure is semen analysis, which can catch seminal fluid deficiencies that can result in decreased sperm counts, decreased sperm volume, or other issues. It can also let you know if your prostate is functioning correctly or if it’s contributing to problems such as erectile function.

As a sperm donor in our program, you’ll get a free physical exam every six months, which includes semen analysis. This gives you valuable insight into your own reproductive health. And even after you retire from the program, you’ll continue to get annual physicals for life at our clinic.

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