As children conceived using donor sperm grow into adulthood, many want to know more about their genetic background and family history. This natural impulse may include communicating with or even meeting the donor who helped their mother conceive. Along with satisfying curiosity and providing some emotional connection, children can also learn about their donor’s medical history and other practical information. For these reasons and the transparency it provides, San Diego Sperm Bank specializes in working with open identity donors.

What it Means for the Donor

An open identity (also called open ID) sperm donor agrees to have at least one form of contact with any of their donation-born offspring once the child turns 18. This means donors must be available for contact with a child at least once even after retiring from our program.

There are two key points to remember. First, donors are only agreeing to one contact with the child. Donors are not required to have a long-term relationship and have no legal rights, responsibilities, or obligations to any children born from donated sperm. Beyond the first contact, all subsequent communication is up to the donor and child. Second, once you become an open identity donor, you cannot change your mind and become an anonymous donor. To ensure all donors understand this obligation, our program includes a detailed orientation delivered by a member of our staff.

What it Means for the Children

Once a donor child reaches 18 years of age, he or she may request contact with their donor. This contact must be initiated by the child, not the donor. Should a child wish to make contact, San Diego Sperm Bank will make the connection and arrange a mutually agreed upon method of contact. This could be a phone call, a face-to-face meeting, or a simple exchange of contact information. Basically, we connect two consenting adults for the first meeting, and what happens after that is up to them.

If you have questions about being an open ID donor or want to learn more about becoming a sperm donor, please call one of our client services coordinators at (858) 732-8500 or send us a message.

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