What donors say about being at San Diego Sperm Bank

What Donors Say About Being At San Diego Sperm Bank

The sperm donor program at San Diego Sperm Bank helps support families who rely on sperm donations to become parents. But becoming a sperm donor can sound like an awkward endeavor. You are not alone in the nervous feeling about going to the first visit.

Here is what donors said about the first visit:

“It has been a very professional and easy-going experience. I was nervous about it at first, but everyone has been very professional.”

You make your own schedule as a donor, which can be very beneficial if you have other time commitments. You can either drop by during our open hours or schedule visits online.

Here is what donors had to say about scheduling time for donations:

“I found entry into the program to be a fairly smooth process. I appreciated how the team was able to work with my limited availability over last summer. Donating is easy and usually quick besides days where a blood draw is needed for labs.”

“The staff has been excellent! Always friendly, accommodating, and willing to answer questions. There are also many available appointment times, which makes scheduling very easy as I have a busy work schedule.”

The benefits of being a sperm donor go a long way. Donors are compensated $100 per qualifying donation up to 3 times per week, receive routine health exams, STI testing and genetic carrier screening for 502 conditions.

Some donors gave us feedback about the benefits of being in the program, here is what they said:

“The program is rewarding in that you receive a high amount of care, and your donations are helping people.”

“I think it’s been great; the free health checks and extra money are really beneficial as a low-income college student.”

“The program is an easy way to make extra money in college if you don’t have time for another job. The money adds up to more than you think, and it takes only a few visits a week.”

Most importantly, donations are used in the treatment for individuals and couples who are trying to become parents. They rely on sperm donations because they are missing a sperm source due to male factor infertility or because they are a two-mom family or single-mom family without a sperm source. In any case they cannot become parents without donations.

Here is what donors said about the families who rely on donations for treatment:

“Being a sperm donor has been incredibly gratifying. I’ve been able to give would-be parents the chance to start a family, and on top of that, it pays well for how little time and effort it takes. Highly recommend applying and seeing if you qualify!”

“Participating in the donor program has been a great experience knowing I am helping those who struggle to conceive children.”

Here is how you can join the program and start making extra income while making a difference in lives.

  • Complete your online application and visit in person

You can apply online now and schedule your first visit. Or just drop by during lab open hours after you complete your application. It is important that you are abstinent from ejaculation for at least 48 hours before your first visit because we will ask for a semen sample. Samples are much higher in quality after you are abstinent for 48 hours. We will likely ask you to give a second sample on another day as well because each sample can vary a little and we want to give a good evaluation.

  • Medical history and family medical history interview

All the information we collect about you is HIPAA protected, just like any other medical office. We will ask about your medical history and your family’s medical history to get an idea about any genetic conditions and traits you might carry. Don’t worry, our team is here to help you throughout the application process.

  • Lab work and physical

We will also do routine physical and STI testing. On the day of your physical, you are welcome to start getting paid for your donations!

If you are considering becoming a sperm donor, you can apply online today to get started on the process. Or reach out to a Donor Coordinator for any questions you might have at 858-732-8500 or [email protected].