An increasing number of women and couples are using fertility clinics to conceive a child. This is due to its high success rate, the convenience of home insemination kits, and many other factors. However, this rise in the use of fertility clinics has also led to an overall shortage of healthy donor sperm in the U.S. — and that’s an opportunity for you.

San Diego Sperm Bank is looking for healthy males from all races and ethnicities between the ages of 18 and 39 to become part of our donor program. Along with helping families achieve their dream of having a child, it’s also a great way to earn extra money. You’ll get $70 for each approved sample you donate. And since you can donate up to three times per week, you could consistently earn up to $1,000 per month as a sperm donor.

To get started, please see our online application.

Benefits of Becoming a Sperm Donor

Along with the financial benefits, you also get significant personal medical care when you join our program. This includes a thorough physical exam at the beginning of the process as well as comprehensive genetic tests. We screen you for more than 100 genetic conditions to ensure your sperm is healthy for our clients trying to conceive a child using your semen samples, but the tests also benefit you by offering a complete medical history. This gives you valuable insight into potential health issues you might not otherwise have known about. This medical information can increase your peace of mind and even help you later in life, especially if you decide to have children of your own.

You also qualify for a complete wellness examination every six months for as long as you remain an active donor. In addition, even after you leave our program, you’ll still qualify for a free annual physical exam at our clinic. It’s our way of thanking you for your service.

Generous Referral Program

As one of our donors, we’ll give you $200 every time you refer a friend who qualifies for our program. We’ll then give you an extra $300 once your friend’s samples are released for distribution. That means you can earn $500 for every person you refer who joins our donor program. And there’s no cap on the number of referrals you can submit, so the amount of extra money you make is up to you.

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a sperm donor, contact us at or (858) 732-8500.

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