Can I Still Be a Sperm Donor If I Move?

Can I Still Be a Sperm Donor If I Move?

Being a sperm donor in the program at San Diego Sperm Bank is a great endeavor and benefits families across the US. Not everyone qualifies, so if you are an active donor, or thinking about joining the program but find that you are leaving the area, you may still be able to be part of the donor program!

Donations must always be done in person; however, you may be able to start donating at one of our sister labs if you are moving to the right area.

Seattle Sperm Bank, Seattle Washington

Seattle Sperm Bank is the centralized location for all the lab locations, and this is where all donations are stored until shipped out for treatments. Near the University of Washington and centrally located in Seattle, this lab is great for donors living in Seattle and the greater Seattle area.

Bellevue Sperm Bank, Bellevue Washington

This is the newest location in the network and is near the Seattle lab. Bellevue is home to some great corporate headquarters like Google, Costco, Microsoft, and Amazon. You may find yourself with a new job in a great city, and still have access to a donation center! Additionally, Bellevue College is nearby if you find yourself in need of college credits!

Phoenix Sperm Bank, Phoenix Arizona

Transferring to Arizona State University or starting a new job like at Honeywell Aerospace gives you direct access to Phoenix Sperm Bank. With a great location in Tempe Arizona, near Scottsdale and Mesa Phoenix Sperm Bank gives easy access to anyone in the area.

If you find that you are either moving or visiting any of these areas for an extended amount of time, reach out to the donor coordinator at San Diego Sperm Bank. They will be happy to assist and make sure you can continue donating regularly. Compensation and benefits are the same across all locations, so you can keep making an impact on families who need you and continue receiving the same support on our end.

How to Join

Joining the program is easy, here are the steps:

Apply Online And Schedule Your First Visit

After submitting an online application, you will be given the chance to schedule a visit. The first visit is a semen analysis, and the abstinent period gives a proper evaluation.

Complete Paperwork And Lab Work

Whether or not the semen analysis meets our quality standards, we will likely ask for a second sample. Once approved in this stage, we will collect information from you about your medical history and your family’s medical history. We are looking for genetic conditions that may be passed through your donation. We are also going to test blood and urine samples, and our physician will do a full physical. We will share all results with you and keep identifying information private, just like any other medical office.

Start Donating!

On the same day as your physical, you will start being compensated for your donations!

People who rely on donor sperm to start their family include men with male factor infertility, LGBTQIA couples, and single Moms by choice. These families will seek out treatment through fertility specialists going through testing and often surgeries to overcome obstacles to parenthood. However, none of these treatments matter without sperm donations.

If you have any questions about joining the donor program or about which location you can donate, reach out to a Donor Coordinator at 858-732-8500 or [email protected].