Why donate sperm?

Donating sperm has both financial and emotional benefits. You can make a lasting and positive difference in the lives of those seeking to start a family when you donate sperm. There is great satisfaction in knowing you have helped others achieve their dream of having children. Currently donor sperm is in short supply and the demand continues to rise. Your donations are needed more than ever.

Why should I choose the San Diego Sperm Bank?

The San Diego Sperm Bank makes donating sperm a simple and comfortable process. Our professional staff is focused on addressing all your questions and concerns, while making you feel valued for giving the gift of life. This includes both physical and psychological counseling during the process. We want all our donors to feel comfortable with the process and confident about the choice they have made. Our personalized service includes a complete physical exam at the start of the process followed by regular exams every six months for as long as choose to remain an active donor. Even after you are no longer an active donor, you will be eligible for a free annual physical exam from one of our staff. We will also provide you with the test results from your genetic screening, at your request.

Enjoy the full support of our medical and counseling team.

Deciding whether to donate sperm is a big decision. During the process you will be supported by our counselors and medical staff. We want you to be completely comfortable with your choice and feel you are making a positive contribution to others.